I started to notice Maya Gabeira when she won the ESPY (Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly) award in 2009 for Best female Action Sports Athlete. Also in that year, she etched her own mark in history by surfing the biggest wave in Dungeon, South Africa. A wipe out from a 45 feet wave means death, but Gabeira conquered the spot.


Maya Gabeira – From Ordinary Teenager To Amazing Thrill-Seeker

I think this gorgeous thrill-seeker blurs the line between fear and success. At age of 14, Maya was an adventurous teenager in Brazil. As the daughter of a well-acclaimed fashion designer and politician in Rio de Janeiro, she could be considered well-to-do but was exposed to the pains of life as a result of the divorce of her parents when she was only 11 years old. She succumbed to smoking, drinking and trouble-making, but fortunately she found her passion in surfing.


Hardwork And Determination Really Pay Off

Although the passion is there, her skills were honed due to her determination. She trained with her mentor Carlos Burle, and while during training she has experienced being wipe out and breaking her nose more than ten times. I have read a magazine article where Maya recounts a nose accident where it became so delicate. She tried to stay away from a surgical operation since she don’t want to get a break from surfing, but her doctor told her that if her nose didn’t get fixed, it could affect her breathing. I was glad she had the surgery to treat her broken nose. Her hard work naturally paid off when she won many awards including the major recognition from ESPY and the four awards from Billabong XXL


Is Maya Gabeira The Greatest Women Surfer Ever?

Maya GabeiraI think this lovely woman has changed the tides of big wave surfing. For me, she is the resounding image of women who can defeat the presumed vulnerabilities in order to tackle the challenges ahead. I also consider her as a goddess of board sports. I watched her videos several times and I can say that she is truly amazing in riding along big waves.  Gabeira has been a leading figure of the sport, spreading her passion and respect for big wave surfing.


A Surfing Goddess With No Surfing God By Her Side?

Maya GabeiraI don’t know if this is a reassuring info. But I have learned that this surfing goddess has no surfing god by her side presently. She had a boyfriend before who is also a big wave surfer but they cut the relationship, probably because Gabeira surpassed his skills. But in a magazine interview she confessed that she wants a man who can teach her new things – a man with sheer confidence to welcome her into a new world. Once in awhile, she wants to take a break from her usual surfing routine, and enjoy the day with someone who can motivate her to do crazy but pleasurable things. Maya Gabeira also commented that American men are a bit slower compared to Brazilian men.