Maya Gabeira is among the popular big wave superstars today.  This 24 year old Brazilian has several awards under her belt.  Aside from the awards, the body and the bravery of riding waves more than eight times her height is sure to prove that this girl is a gem in the water.

On the other hand, surfing big waves is not play in the park.  So, to understand Maya and the big waves, we will discuss what to expect when you are surfing alongside professionals and well-rounded surfers.


Maya Gabeira In The Dungeons Beach

Dungeons Beach in South Africa is a big wave surf area.  Many surfers have enjoyed these waves but most of them are men.

Thus, when Maya successfully surfed the 45 foot wave in the Dungeons, it was the biggest wave ever to be surfed by a woman.  She was only 19 years old then.


The Big Wave Accomplishment Of Maya Gabeira

Big Wave surfing which is a discipline of surfing that involves 20 feet high waves are dominated by men.  While the 45 feet wave which Maya has surfed is less than this, the fact that she is a woman and considering the dangers that surfers face on big waves, her accomplishment is one huge step into being a surfing gem.


The Big Dangers Of The Big Wave

The dangers being faced by surfers on the big wave involve the risk of being trapped underwater by consecutive waves which will make it difficult for you to find your way above the water.  There is risk of drowning especially with your surf and leash attached to you.

This is of course, aside from the fact that your 10 foot surf or the Jet Ski may hurt you.  There is even a case that Maya broke her nose in one surfing session.   Cuts and bruises are common to surfers but training will help you avoid being a victim of surfing accidents.


Training For Maya

Maya GabeiraShe knows the dangers of big wave surfing and because she needs to be physically and mentally prepared for the challenges, Maya trains hard.

Aside from practicing 5 hours a day in the North Shore of Oahu Island in Hawaii where she is currently residing, she also runs 10 kilometers a day and practices yoga.

Her training and yoga help her focus and find the strength to survive toughest of situations in the water.

Finally, her training and daily activities allowed her to achieve a perfect body worth gracing the pages of ESPN magazine.  In 2012, Maya was the featured athlete and in this issue, she was seen naked surfing underwater.  It showed her in her best form but in this shoot, Maya has to show her professionalism amidst the thunderous feeling of being self-conscious.

She does not show her body most often, she always has her surfing suit wrapping her entire body and thus, this shoot is not a comfortable ground.

Big waves are a playground for this young and talented girl, and in the shoot Maya Gabeira did not only show her professionalism but her perfect form as well.