I have seen Maya Gabeira surfing big waves and performing workout and I can say that she’s definitely larger than life. Gorgeous, sexy, fit and with confidence who leads both men and women conquering towering water around the world searching for the ultimate thrill.  To achieve this, she trains her body and mind to be ready at all times. A preparation so that any time there are big waves that seems impossible to surf, she is alert and ready.


Maya Gabeira Is Committed To Her Sport

I can feel Maya’s commitment to her sport. That could transcend into strenuous and very dangerous environment in her quest to ride the towering waves in the world. Her commitment needs each cellular unit of her body to be fine tuned with her system and the dangers that she always faces. I decided to write this article so that interested individuals could check the intensity of her surfing workouts that she usually performs for her training routine, a routine that keeps her to seek the thrill she gets as she rides big waves.


A Word Of Caution

However, before we discuss Gabeira’s ultimate routine, I would like to caution you a bit. Gabeira is a professional athlete, in fact an award winning athlete ;a woman who doesn’t know the words fear and pain. Many of us, even I, don’t have her determination, body makeup, and even sheer passion to ride the biggest waves of the world. Thus, I recommend adapting her surfing routine according to your capacity and your surfing skills. It is ideal to lower your pace especially for starting surfers or those who are still new to surfing routines. Perform exercises under the guidance of a professional to get the best results and to ensure your safety. What’s the point of enduring if your performance is very poor? This might only lead to enduring pain, imbalance in the body, and physical damages.


Proper Diet And Nutrition Adapted By Maya Gabeira

Gabeira nourishes her body with essential minerals and nutrients to support her special genetic makeup. She follows a strict diet that fuels her surfing routine and to develop her beach body.  Your food might not be compatible with her choice of food since we are specifically unique. With that, you might need to be sustained with essential fats, complex carbs, and large proteins before doing the workout routine and instantly after the exercises.


The Ultimate Workout Of A Surfing Goddess

Maya GabeiraDo the following workout routine using a circuit without rest between every exercise. Gabeira is noted to perform three to five minutes for each set on every circuit. I think this is quite intense. Starting surfers must begin with 1 to 2 minutes or 10 to 15 reps. Meanwhile, intermediate surfers with enough background and experience could begin with 2.5 minutes or about 30 reps. Meanwhile, the level surf nut could target Gabeira lead and perform for 5 minutes or 50 reps without rest in between before performing to the next workout cycle. With precise yet slow performance of these workout routines, you can be a surfing goddess like Maya Gabeira.