Maya Gabeira is the Athlete that ESPN featured in its July 2012 issue.  In the pages of this magazine, her perfect surf body is featured.  One of the pictures shows Maya surfing naked under the water of Oahu Island in Hawaii.

If you have seen the magazine, you will sure envy her perfect form.  Thus, if you are a woman and you want to achieve this body, we will give you some tips and some information about Maya.  It will help you achieve the body, even if you cannot get her surfing knowledge, but the body that men would be attracted to.

If you are ready, then, here we go.


Maya Gabeira Accomplishments

The surfing experience this big wave surfer has is quite surmountable.  Because of this, she has been awarded the Billabong Girls Best Overall Performance Award for the fifth time.  Aside from this award, she also has under her belt the Best Female Action Sports Athlete Award given by ESPY.


From a simple teenager in Rio de Janeiro who got excited in trying surfing through her boyfriend; she is now a well-rounded athlete with major awards under her belt.

How did this beautiful girl accomplish all of these?


Maya Gabeira Training

Every athlete needs to train hard and Maya is no exception.  She moved to reside in Hawaii where she can practice regularly.  She lives near the North Shore of Oahu Island in Hawaii.  She practices surf 5 hours every day.  Aside from practice, she also does yoga and runs up to ten kilometers regularly.

Her sport allows her to exercise her body, her muscles and her mind.  Thus, she is able to ride the waves, afloat from underwater and to carry her huge surf board with ease.

All these training, muscle exercises and focus in combination have allowed her the perfect form, that surfing body that you will see in the pages of ESPN magazine.


Surfing Is No Walk In The Park

Maya has accomplished so much at her young age.  Being a woman in a male dominated sport is very challenging.  She knows that surfing is no walk in the park.  Thus, she practices hard and keeps her focus on her goals.

However, even if she is careful and have trained so well, accidents also happen to her.  She gets cuts, bruises and broken nose from time to time.  But will this stop her from surfing?  No, because when she ventured into surfing, she fell in love with it.  Coupled with the friendship, travelling and fun activities that go with her career, she is definitely going to be in it for the long haul.


Do You Want Achieve Her Body?

Maya GabeiraIf you want to achieve her body, that perfect form and active muscles, you have to train.  Even if you are not surfing, you may train hard, exercise regularly and learn how to love yourself.  By doing this, you will be able to feel good about yourself and your body.

Take Maya Gabeira as your personal mentor, try to achieve her body and her level headedness, and you will be at your best all the time.