Maya Gabeira grew up in Brazil where there are numerous beaches, perfect for big wave surfers. No wonder, Gabeira has her passion with the sports. I have read in a magazine that Gabeira used to spend time on the beach to get a tan. At 14 years old, she dated a surfer guy. She recounted that she would watch the guy from the shore as he rides the big wave, and wondered about the thrill of big wave surfing. I think that moment was the springboard for Gabeira to love the sport.



Maya Gabeira – From Brazil To Hawaii

After working hard to polish her surfing skills, Gabeira moved to Hawaii to pursue her dream of becoming a professional surfer. I started to notice when she achieved a world record as the woman who surfed the largest wave in the world, a 45 feet gigantic wave in South Africa. I guess anyone will be amazed if you saw Gabeira on the beach, surfing with such confidence and grace. And I also guess that anyone will be intimated to approach her even just to say hello, most especially the guys.


Alluring Brazilian

I had several Brazilian women friends and they are really intimidating like Gabeira. I think it is the alluring way they speak, and the gentle lift in their voices at the ends of their sentences. I noticed that the Brazilian accent from sayy-xy (sexy) to bawdy (body). And most women, I could say, that Brazilian women are very comfortable wearing bikinis. I saw a video interview of Gabeira and even when the topic was about injuring her nose from wipeouts, she still sounded so alluring. But she admits that she actually thinks that she doesn’t give the impression of being gentle, and she is often told to have a tough one.


Reassuring News About Maya Gabeira

I’m not certain if this is really reassuring news. Gabeira is not looking for a surfing dude, like any lady who has great skills on her career isn’t searching for a man in the same wavelength. I have learned from the magazine interview that Gabeira prefers a partner in life who can introduce her to new things, a confident man to let her in his world, like Gabeira’s ex-boyfriend who supported her when she was still starting as a big wave surfer. She likes to have a break from the salty environment of the beach and be with someone who can support and motivate her to do new things.


American Men Are A Bit Slower

Maya GabeiraSo guys out there must speed up. As I have observed, most Brazilian women want to be pursued, and like a man who is confident to get their attention. This makes me wonder if American men are a bit slow in approaching women. Gabeira also recounted about her travel in Mentawai Islands in Sumatra. She met a sailboat captain. That’s what happened a while back when Gabeira was traveling in the Mentawai Islands, an archipelago off the coast of Sumatra, where she met a sailboat captain. The man asked her if she wanted to stay and guess what, Maya Gabeira stayed for four months.