Maya Gabeira is indeed a goddess of surfing. As a novice surfer, I can say that surfing needs great skills merged with risk and physical recourse and as my training progresses, I can feel that the demands of this sport has increased over the last few years. Without hard work and determination, it could be impossible to reach a specific intensity of performance without rigorous training that develops the body for crucial moments that I have noticed in Gabeira’s moves.



Maya Gabeira Changes The Surfing World For Women

About only ten years ago, the world of big wave surfing is thriving with men. However, I noticed the emergence of Gabeira when she won the ESPY award, and then at that moment, I started to admire her passion and leadership in the sport. The participation of women considered very normal nowadays were once thought unacceptable But when Maya entered the scene she made changes and series of achievements. She received an award from Billabong Big Wave not only once, or twice but five times.


Stunning Skills, Striking Figure

The Maya in YouTube videos is fine-tuned in the tight body armor, her legs striding the board, here eyes clandestine of fear, the towering height of big waves in Hawaii, or Mexico. Afar, she could be just another big wave surfer riding waves and facing potential wipeouts, her sexy figure is really stunning. On beach she wears bikini – definitely not the suitable clothes for surfing. I think that is purely for show. Among the many benefits of being a well-known athlete is getting brand sponsors, getting on magazine cover, to increase popularity by appearing on know talk shows and TV programs in her native country – Brazil.


Use The Surfboard Like Maya Gabeira

Although there are numerous critics of Gabeira’s surfing style, I admire her unique passion and skills. If you also want to use the surfboard like a pro, you must first know the basics. Surfboards, obviously, are designed as a flotation device. I have noticed they have a natural gravitational core since if you lay any board in a pool or on the sea, it will float the same side every time. This is what Gabeira does when she lays the board. She has the natural talent to remain on the board like a ballerina dancing on top of the waves.  I can say she has the sensitivity to search for this balance point without losing her composure.


Even A Surfing Goddess Could Be Injured

Maya GabeiraDid you know that Gabeira had broken her nose more than 10 times because of several wipeouts? Even a professional big wave surfer could be injured even with skills and experience. For beginners, I suggest to never board between the coming waves and yourself. In order to prevent collision with other surfers, it is best to keep a safe distance, about ten feet. As a beginner, I always wear a nose guard to prevent dangerous impacts with the board. I have seen numerous videos of Maya Gabeira and I noticed that she always wear a leash attached to her board.