Maya Gabeira is a 24 year old Brazilian who has been riding the waves since she was fourteen years old.  This Brazilian daughter of a fashion designer and a well known politician loves what she is doing.  In fact, her record of winning 5 Billabong XXL Big Wave Awards and Female Action Sports Athlete of the Year Award from ESPY is sure to prove that this girl has something to offer.

To know more about this big wage babe, we will discuss a few of things about her in this article.


The Humble Beginning Of Maya Gabeira

This girl was a normal teenager in Rio de Janeiro when she was fourteen.  She happened to date a surfer.  Watching him ride the wave from the shore made her heart trembling.  Because of what she feels, she explored surfing through a surf school.

From this, a brave and talented surf girl is born.  She started a career in surfing.  She had surfed big waves but the biggest and the most dangerous accomplishment she has, is surfing Dungeons Beach in South Africa.  It is a 45 foot wave that she surfed and no woman surfer has ever done it.


Maya Gabeira On ESPN

ESPN features top athletes annually.  In 2012, it was Maya who is featured.  She was interviewed for the part and had talked about how she loved surfing and the beach.  Of course, the shoot for the magazine is something that excites her fans.  Among the pictures is one that shows Maya surfing naked underwater with her perfect body in full view.

This young Brazilian is a level headed girl and thus, during the shoot she feels too self-conscious but her professionalism helped her get through.


Getting Her Beautiful Body

Being an athlete especially in surfing where you will have to survive waves and being caught underwater requires that you have a body that can carry your weight and combat the challenges that you will face.  Because of the exercise that goes with surfing and practicing regularly and combining this with running and yoga, the beautiful perfect body will be achieved.


Love For The Sport

Maya GabeiraIt was mentioned that her interest in surfing started when she was fourteen.  And because she has fell in love with surfing, the wave and the water, she is serious in improving her craft.  Thus, she practices for 5 hours every day without falter.

She also looks up to other big name athletes in surfing that makes her level headed.

She also has mentored some female surfers in The Carissa and Maya Project.  It was a project sponsored by Red Bull.  This project will help talented women to understand and learn surfing.  In this project she shared mentoring experience with Carissa Moore.

Surfing is not an easy sport, especially if you are surfing big waves where the risks of accidents and even death are present.  In this account, Maya does not take a chance.  If she feels it is not good for her to surf, she will not.  She limits her bravery to her experience, thus, she limits the dangers that she faces in the water.

Maya Gabeira is one athlete to follow, young, brave and level-headed.