Maya Gabeira is a Brazilian big wave surfer.  She is 24 years old and has been awarded numerous surfing awards in her professional career.

If you want to know more about this accomplished surfer, I will discuss a few of the things about her.  I hope that you will be excited to try surfing or even to try to achieve her body if you are a woman.


Maya Gabeira And Surfing

Maya is one privileged teenager in Rio de Janeiro.  She is the daughter of a fashion designer and an accomplished politician.  When she was fourteen years old, she has a surfer for a boyfriend.

She occasionally goes to the beach to watch her boyfriend get all soaked in water, getting towed and braving the waves.

She got excited and thus, she went to a surf school to try it out for herself.  She fell in love with the water and surfing.  This started her surfing career.


Travelling With Surf Partners

While surfing is dominated by men, this young lady is usually in the company of some of the accomplished surfers.  Often, they would travel in a group where Maya would be the only female.

They will help her surf, tow her when necessary and she would try for herself as well.

By being with some of the accomplished surfers, she has tried all sizes of waves.  Thus, she became a well-rounded surfer, willing and able to surf any wave.


Maya Gabeira Accomplishments

From being a young lass watching over a boyfriend, to a small sister of a surfing group, Maya has accomplish quite significantly.

She has been awarded for five times the Billabong Girls Best Overall Performance Award and the Best Female Action Sports Athlete of the Year in 2009.

Aside from these awards, she also has braved the biggest wave a female surfer has ever achieved and this is a 45-foot wave in Dungeons Beach in South Africa.

She is also commissioned to help young surfing talents in The Carissa and Maya project.  In this project, they will mentor female surfers in the hope that they will develop these talents.


How To Be Accomplished In Life

Maya GabeiraAs mentioned, Maya is a privileged young lady.  She does not have to work hard for anything to get what she wants.  But because of her focus and dedication to her craft, she works hard for it.  She trains 5 hours every day, she runs up to 10 kilometers and also practices yoga.

In spite of her training, she still feels self consciousness, she feels fear but because she is a professional, she works hard and braves her own fear and get to the water when she needs.

Because of her big name and being an accomplished athlete, she was invited to grace the pages of ESPN magazine.  In the July 2012 issue of ESPN magazine you will see Maya among several other pictures nakedly surfing under the waters of North Shore in Oahu Island of Hawaii.

You may not want to be a surfer but of course, if you want, you can work hard to learn it.  However, if you have seen her picture and you want to achieve that perfect body, exercise, yoga and running may give it to you.  Get the Maya Gabeira body by working hard and focusing on your goal.